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Meet & Greet                                                        

Each month we will be opening our doors to the public for tours of our facility
and to present a short introduction to Equine Assisted Therapy/Learning.
Whether you are interested professionally or personally, our staff will be
available to answer your questions.

Please contact the center if you would like to attend.
Next tour: November 18th cost $25 


"How Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Can Help You Heal" An interview with Pam
Associated Content by Yahoo an open publishing platform, interviewed our own
Pam Dudek in order to write an article on Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Read this comprehensive article that describes how horses provide the opportunity for healing.
Click on the link below

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy on "Dr. Phil"
Last week on the Dr. Phil show P.T.S.D (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) was discussed with respect to the recent accident involving the deaths of 8 spectators at an off-road race in California. Dr. Laura Trask has been treating one of the victims of the crash using EAP.
Follow the link below to read about Dr. Trask and to view the segment of how Dr. Trask used EAP to help a young victim of this tragedy helping him with PTSD

Dr. Delia Chiaramonte and 17 medical students from the University of Maryland Integrative Medicine Center will experience Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.
Returning for a second year in November and February, doctors will be participating in a
3 hour workshop discovering the modality of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy/Learning.

Equines helping doctors to have better bed side manner with their patients
In the news link below see how doctors in California and medical students from Stanford Medical School are learning from horses how to improve their communication with their patients. Click below to view

Research finds evidence of EAP as effective in treating children & adolescents                       

In a study of 63 children that had been referred to a psychotherapist for a variety of behavior and mental health issues over an 18 month period, it was determined that a significant improvement had occurred using Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.
Click below to read

Researchers in Amsterdam surprised at $22,000 price tag in treating people with neuroticism
"We thought that economic costs would be a good way to assess the overall impact of neuroticism," researcher Dr. Pim Cuijpers told Reuters Health. "We were surprised that the impact was this large." This research lends evidence to the fact that Equine Assisted Psychotherapy provides quicker results in most cases allowing for reduced costs to insurance companies and individuals paying out of pocket.
Click on the link to read the entire article

Smart CEO Magazine recognizes the ethical practices of our corporation
In the May edition of Smart CEO Magazine, Senior Editor Jeanine Clingenpeel writes an article entitled "Just Business" "What ethics means to your business". She focuses on how companies that have been recognized for their ethical business practices have maintained during these tough economic times. We were honored to be included among companies that have shown how long-term success depends on staying true to your values and principals even in desperate times. 
 click on link

Smart CEO Magazine publishes article by Alicia Rodriquez "Horse Sense"
The March edition of Smart CEO features an article about our center and the power of Equine Assisted Learning. On page 28 read Alicia's description of how effective EAL is for companies and organizations. Thanks to Alicia for such an accurate and enlightening piece! click on link

Equus Magazine Article September 2009 issue: New Research from Sweden
"Investigating horse-human interactions: The effect of a nervous human."
This study showed evidence that horses responded to unconscious physical changes that accompanied a shift in the handlers emotions. The Veterinary Journal, July 2009
Click here to read

Maryland Horse Article
The Maryland Horse featured us in their August edition. Read their wonderful story about our center and the work we do here! Thanks to Maggie Kimmitt!!
Click here to read

Finalist for Better Business Bureau 2009 "Torch Award"
The Horse Inspired Growth & Learning Center Inc. has been selected as one of 13 finalists for the 2009 Better Business Bureau Torch Awards. We will be honored in September at the awards ceremony. Smart CEO magazine will be featuring us in their December & February editions.

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