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"Eagala Program Offers Hope Through Equine Therapy"

                             April 2016 written by Amy Stewart

Equine Therapy and Learning
The Horse Inspired Growth & Learning Center Inc.

Serving Marylands Eastern Shore and the mid-atlantic region since 2005

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Recent Updates

        Thank you to all the attendees at our demonstration last Friday evening!!We had 35 people in attendance and our team was very excited with the enthusiasm and excellent questions of the audience. We look forward to expanding our services for our community. 


      Thank you for visiting our website. It is our goal that you will find answers to how using horses as an interactive partner for change is having a powerful impact on individuals, groups and companies. This modality is now being used worldwide providing a unique way to help people and organizations improve and enhance their personal and interpersonal relationships.

Our Mission
    To provide a positive environment for people and organizations that evokes changes in attitudes, beliefs and behaviors through the power of the horse.

Our Vision
    To be a guiding force for promoting positive change that leads to stronger, healthier people and organizations. We will achieve this vision by holding ourselves accountable at all levels to the highest standards of honest, ethical professional competency. It is our philosophy that everyone possesses their own strengths, abilities, skills, talents and knowledge through which they are capable of change and growth in their lives and relationships.

Finding The Right Program
1. Does the team include a mental health professional and an equine specialist?
2. Can they supply proof of licensure and references for areas of competency?
3. Are they certified and licensed in the fields of equine assisted learning and equine 
    assisted psychotherapy?
4. How many years experience does the team have in the field of Equine Assisted Therapy?     

 These are important questions to ask when searching for a competent practice!

A letter from Dr. Daniel Kakuska, psychiatrist at The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt Hospital

Dear Robin and Pam,

I am writing to you to thank you for the excellent experience you have provided for the patients I have referred to Horse Inspired Therapy. Even though I think all of my patients have benefitted, I’m thinking in particular of one case in which a history of trauma had severely affected my patient’s ability to trust and thereby adversely affected her ability to truly connect with others. The work you did around helping her begin to connect to the horse served as a template and a springboard for a deeper connection with me around her therapy. I am truly amazed at the progress she has made over the past year. Thanks for the wonderful work you do.


Daniel Kakuska, M.D.

Visit The Retreat website at :


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Our partners in your community and nationwide
The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt Hospital
University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine
EAGALA organization
Eating Disorders Network
Alicia Rodriquez, Executive coaching, Leadership development 

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