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A Story of Survival

 "  Hello, my name is S----- and I am an adult survivor of serious incest which led me to post traumatic stress  disorder and a long lasting crack habit. I was lost and at the complete end of my strength. Twenty five years of therapy, attempts  at sobriety and countless anti-depressants didn't do s--- ! EAGALA was mentiioned to me in passing one day. I tried it. Within weeks of my first visit something inside  of me changed. Little by little, but quickly things about me are feeling positive. The voices of shame are whispering  instead of yelling.  I've stopped using crack and with the help of nicotine gum I've even quit smoking.
              My family and friends have all noticed and commented on the positive changes they've seen in me. I am more focused,  less depressed and generally nice to be around ! Twenty five weeks of EAGALA vs. twenty five years of nothing in therapy.  It's been one miracle after another for me, small  as they may be!
             Grey days still occur, cravings for drugs and abuse still occur but the difference now is that I don't really seem to care about those things much anymore. Peace and serenity  have started to show up and are now louder than the bad feelings and voices.
             Give this program a try ! I was honest about my abuse of drugs and self-loathing upon beginnning this journey and was clear that I did not want to stop. As the weeks have  gone by I have all on my own left these things behind. I can only tell you from my perspective, buts it a damn miracle ! It works ! I like me for the first time in 43 years.
       Please if you can relate to where I was please try this?
        I wish you luck love & peace."
Love, S


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A Dedicated Mother

 " My daughter always experienced a great deal of anxiety about starting school, which created difficulties with peers and  teachers.  In the past when it  came time to go to therapy, she was reluctant. That definitely wasn't the case this time. In fact, she looked forward to it, and in between she enthusiastically talked about the horses and Pam and Robin                                                                                                                                                School this year has been very positive.  When interim grades came out, that really said it all:.  I'm very proud of her, because she received her best  grades ever -  nothing lower than a B minus. Finally, her teachers get to see her for who she really is."