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Cancer Survivorship Retreats



  Our team has provided two specific workshops for patients and their families who are experiencing the effects of cancer in their lives. 

Partnering with hospitals and caregiving facilities we designed these powerful and memorable retreats that allow the patients and their families to focus on the strengths they have as individuals and as a family to endure the process of fighting cancer. 

With horses as their healing partners, families and the patients  will have the opportunity to work up close with the horses.

 Below you will find the workshops we currently offer. However if you would like to design a retreat that fits your needs, our team is happy to help you plan an experience that fits your group.

Family Equestrian Healing

This is a full day retreat for families that includes the following:

90 minute Equine Assisted Learning activity. This is an activity that is held on the ground with the horses engaging in activities designed to help the family identify strengths and build skills within the family.

90 - 120 minute Riding activity. Patients and their families will have the opportunity to ride horses with the help of our experienced team of staff and volunteers that are trained and certified to provide Therapeutic Riding instruction.

The remainder of the time will be spent having lunch, taking hikes on the farm or just spending time together.

Survivorship Equestrian Healing

This is a half day retreat for patients that includes the following:

 90 minute Equine Assisted Learning activity. This retreat blends the Equine Learning activity with journaling and reflection with the horses and the team. Lunch is provided and time for hiking or just spending time in nature.

If you are an organization and would like to create a retreat, we are happy to help you in that process. If you are a family or patient and wouldlike to speak with us about working individually please contact our center directly so we can discuss your needs.

Horses Helping Companies


 Horses have an innate ability to give honest feedback which makes them authentic partners in helping our clients discover what is truly creating problems in the workplace.  

 For the past 15 years our center has provided workshops and retreats to essentially

 "get to the source" of what isn't working
within a company or organizations. Through activities with the horses, our clients are able to  

identify three key components for creating a healthier work environment:

  • Identify what isn't working.
  •  Find the strengths within your company to create change.
  •  Put into practice new ways of  "showing up" in order to evoke change.

Whether you are a healthcare agency working on self-care to combat compassion fatigue  or a corporation that wants to create a happy, cohesive work environment that will  ultimately increase productivity, this modality provides the platform. Getting to the  source requires authenticity. Because horses are 100% authentic they are an effective partner in helping your company make the necessary changes.

           Full or half day retreats are individualized to accommodate your needs. 

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